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Obama's Birth Certificate Failed Every Test. Why Isn't The FBI Stepping Up And Putting The American People At Ease? Because THEY CAN'T CBS NEWS - OBAMAS BIRTH CERTICATE FAKE- CONFIRMED - YouTube

 March 13, 2013 Update:

Obama Threatens Media With Federal Investigation If They Persue Birth Certificate!!

The lead investigator in Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s review of the authenticity of Barack Obama’s birth certificate today unloaded a bombshell about the case: that he was told by sources members of the media were threatened with federal investigations should they continue to report on the birth certificate issue.
Lead investigator Mike Zullo told WND that as he was preparing information to be presented to the public “it was clear that the mainstream media was not going to be in attendance” at the sheriff’s scheduled new conference, where he presented factssuggesting both fraud and forgery in the image of a Hawaiian birth certificate that the White House released last yearas “proof positive” of Obama’s eligibility for office.
“During our investigation, we actually were told [that media] had been threatened with FTC investigations. Commentators [had been] threatened with their jobs,” Zullo said.
The threats were so intimidating that some individuals quit their positions over safety concerns for their families, he said.
So the problem became to get the information to the American public in spite of an intentional media blackout, since citizens still must make critical leadership decisions about their government through the election process.
The solution was an ebook with details from the investigation, the evidence that was accumulated, and the issues that remain for Arpaio and his investigators to pursue.
Zullo has been blasted in recent days for coordinating the book project with longtime political writer Jerome Corsi. Much of the online criticism stems from a single AP article that links Zullo to “well-known political conspiracy writer” Corsi and includes a statement that Corsi “denied using Sheriff Joe Arpaio … as apromotional tool to sell his books and theories.”
It cites Zullo “as the co-author” of the ebook. But it fails to mention the evidence presented by the investigation indicating crimes of fraud and forgery.
Zullo told WND that he had no interest in working on an ebook but was faced with the question of how to get the information to the American people absent national media coverage. There were interests outside of Arizona, he was convinced, making obvious efforts to censor the information and never allow it to move beyond the borders of Arizona.
Zullo told WND that as an investigator he sought transparency, and he just wanted the information made available to everyone who wished a closer look. He said it was not an easy decision. He knew he would be ridiculed by the media if the information was released, but the alternative of allowing the information to be squelched and people kept in the dark was just too much of an injustice. He decided to allow the ebook project in order to disseminate the facts of the case: that there is probable cause to believe Obama’s birth certificate document is a forgery.
Corsi confirmed that Zullo was very reluctant to do the book. The prospect of being reimbursed financially from his investigation never was his intention. But Corsi pointed out that Zullo contributed six months of his time to the investigation. Corsi also said he was acutely aware of the financial sacrifice Zullo made over the last six months, having to devote much of his time to the investigation. The posse investigation was not subsidized by taxpayers.
The bigger question, Zullo said, is how can an investigator or a law enforcement officer ignore findings that indicate deception at the highest levels of politics. Zullo said it’s a very serious and alarming concern that casts doubt on the integrity of the vetting of presidential candidates.
“If the evidence took us the other way, and the sheriff proclaimed this thing to be authentic, the news would have traveled from Arizona to New Jersey to Hawaii in milliseconds,” he said. “If I wrote a book about it, I would have been hailed a hero.
“All we’re trying to do here is get this information out there and keep it out there. Had the mainstream media done their job, we wouldn’t have done [this book].”
He said now media members have started calling him a “kook” and an “old geezer” for reporting on the facts that resulted from the investigation.
“The media just wants to come destroy people’s credibility,” he said. “They’re trying to vet [investigators] when they should be vetting the next presidential candidate of the United States.”
He said that many people didn’t come forward with their knowledge about Obama “out of fear.”
“The information that we got, which these people refused to step forward with out of fear, but sharedafterward, came independently – they don’t even know each other – from distant parts of the country, that investigations of major media outlets [were planned] if they continued reporting,” he said.
“Our system is broken because the vetting process used to rely on the free press. We don’t have a free press any more,” he said.
Although the numbers may have been small, there was support for Zullo’s perspective, even in the media.
In a column at American Thinker, Cindy Simpson quoted Ronald Reagan in support of Zullo’s work.
“Ronald Reagan was fond of saying, ‘Trust, but verify,’” she wrote. “President Obama told us he released his official long-form birth certificate on April 27, 2011. Can we trust him, and should we verify?
“Most of the reporters’ questions at the end of [Arpaio's] press conference were statements in defense of Obama, and the subsequent coverage by major news outlets asserted that rumors about the president’sbirth certificate were ‘debunked’ and ‘discredited,’ but gave no details of the debunking or discrediting,” she marveled.
“As the sheriff also noted at the conference, no specific or official investigation has ever been reported, unless we can count Savannah Guthrie, apparently the only reporter allowed to touch and photograph the original long-form certificate after it was released, or the two representatives of Factcheck (neither noted as having an relevant professional experience in document examination) who photographed the short-formcertification posted in 2008,” she wrote.
“To paraphrase another favorite Reagan quotation, ‘It isn’t so much that the mainstream media are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so,’” she added.
She noted that after reporters attacked the message at the news conference, they “questioned the motives of the sheriff and even the political affiliation of the posse’s lead detective, Mike Zullo.”
She said the focal point for a true reporter would be the issue at hand – the validity of Obama’s documents.
“Was the document posted by the White House a scan of an original certified document? Based on the analysis of the posse’s experts, it was not. In fact, the posse has traced the image to a specific computer where it resided a mere 20 minutes before it was uploaded, and has identified a ‘person of interest.’”
She suggest three possible answers: purely innocent anomalies to “touch up” an image and someone purposely tinkering to create the appearance of suspicion.
“Third, if the certificate is indeed an intentional forgery, we have witnessed the greatest fraud of the century,” she said.
“In my local paper, there was not even a single line devoted to the posse’s stunning assertions. What happened to ‘Extra! Extra! Read all about it! The posted birth certificate of a sitting president a possible forgery!’”
Nick Martin at TPM editorialized that the book sale “gives Zullo a financial motive to continue stoking the flames of a conspiracy theory that has been debunked numerous times by an array of independent investigations.”
But the details of the investigations were absent in his piece.
The sheriff himself also noted only one side of the issue was being reported.
In a commentary in the Arizona Republic, he wrote of reporters, “They were practically salivating at the opportunity to embarrass me, my highly capable group of volunteer investigators and literally anyone else who would dare show in interest in the possibility that this investigation would lead to any real credible evidence into what they claim has already been ‘looked into’ or ‘widely debunked.’”
Arpaio also has defended the book.
“We needed a book precisely because we knew in advance the mainstream media would impose a blackout on any serious law enforcement investigation into Obama’s identification documents and his eligibility to be president,” Arpaio told WND.
He explained that the book is intended to bypass the filter the establishment media tries to impose on news. WND provided a live-stream Internet broadcast of the Arpaio press conference last Thursday for the same reason.
Martin wrote that the sheriff also failed to mention that much of the evidence concerned questions about the digital scan “that was already investigated and proven to be false” by another investigative agency, National Review Online.
There were signs, however, that the national media’s silence was creating concerns.
Wrote Jeff Crouere at the St. Tammany Slidell Sentry: “Despite a mountain of evidence and new allegations of fraud, the national news media refuses to cover the Obama birth certificate scandal.”

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  1. Obama’s birth certificate is not fake. Only birther “experts” have called it fake, and they have not shown that they are even experts, much less fair and impartial. Those are two reasons why they are not believed by Ann Coulter, Glenn Beck or the National Review (or by Mitt Romney or Paul Ryan or Gingrich or Santorum or Huckabee).

    One proof that Obama’s birth certificate is not forged is Obama’s short-form birth certificate.

    Short-form birth certificates are created by a clerk reading the information from the document in the file, and filling out the computer form that generates the printed short-form birth certificate. The officials in Hawaii have confirmed that they sent a short-form to Obama. So, unless they are lying—and they were Republican officials–the only way that Obama’s birth certificate could have been forged was that it was forged in 2007 and slipped into the file just before the clerk looked at the file. That is not very likely, is it? And it is especially unlikely since at the time Obama was not even the candidate of the Democrats. He was still in the primaries at the time, and he was only a junior senator from Illinois.

    And birther sites have not shown you these real experts.

    Dr. Neil Krawetz, an imaging software analysis author and experienced examiner of questioned images, said:“The PDF released by the White House shows no sign of digital manipulation or alterations. I see nothing that appears to be suspicious.”

    Nathan Goulding with The National Review: “We have received several e-mails today calling into question the validity of the PDF that the White House released, namely that there are embedded layers in the document. There are now several other people on the case. We looked into it and dismissed it.… I’ve confirmed that scanning an image, converting it to a PDF, optimizing that PDF, and then opening it up in Illustrator, does in fact create layers similar to what is seen in the birth certificate PDF. You can try it yourself at home.”

    John Woodman, independent computer professional, who is a member of the Tea Party (who says that he hates Obama’s policies but found no evidence of forgery) said repeatedly in his book and in various articles on his Web site that the claims that Obama’s birth certificate was forged were unfounded.

    Ivan Zatkovich, who has testified in court as a technology expert, and consultant to WorldNetDaily:“All of the modifications to the PDF document that can be identified are consistent with someone enhancing the legibility of the document.” And, by the way, when WND received Zatkovich’s article that said that he found nothing wrong with Obama’s birth certificate, WordNDaily simply did not publish it.

    Jean-Claude Tremblay, a leading software trainer and Adobe-certified expert, who has years of experience working with and teaching Adobe Illustrator, said the layers cited by doubters are evidence of the use of common, off-the-shelf scanning software — not evidence of a forgery.“I have seen a lot of illustrator documents that come from photos and contain those kind of clippings—and it looks exactly like this,” he said.

    Birthers’ claim that Obama’s birth certificate is false is well understood to be caused by their own motives—they hate Obama and would like to harm him.

    And it is nutty to think that Obama’s relatives had enough money (Obama’s grandfather was just a furniture salesman and his grandmother a low-level employee in a bank at the time; and his father came to Hawaii on a free flight) or crazy enough to spend LOTS of money on a long and expensive and risky (incidents of stillbirths were high at the time) overseas trip for their pregnant daughter—–when there were perfectly good hospitals in Honolulu, Hawaii. (Oh, and the government of Kenya has said that it investigated the “born in Kenya” claim, and that it did not happen.)

    1. Go take a basic photoshop class

    2. Many of you who have not been immersed by the Obot lies/misinformation may take the proffer nonsense by "smrstrauss" as meaningful.

      It is not. That poster is one of many well-known Obot sources working assiduously to backstop the fraudulent holder of the oval office who has never yet proved he is legally able to hold the office he now occupies.

      The CCP investigation by Det. Mike Zullo, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, and others is a full scale law enforcement into the validity vel non of the subject birth certificate and other natality information (Draft Registration, various school and other records, etc). The evidence uncovered to date is both startling and flabbergasting.

      An operative (like smrstrauss) has been discovered trying to justify and prevent any valid investigation ... they've now failed but don't realize and hapefully some goodly number of them will be dragged into what is now a case of criminal document fraud and those may be hoping to protect their own skin. There are serious penalties involved for all.

    3. The birth cert is a probably a fraud, but the important story is JUSTIAGATE - the law decision reporting firm deleted at last count over 25 footnotes of various Supreme Court decisions stating that to be a POTUS, BOTH PARENTS AT THE TIME OF THE POTUS BIRTH MUST HAVE BEEN AMERICAN CITIZENS. Hussein Obama is ineligible, as is Rubio and Jindal. These cass were used, WITHOUT THE OFFICIAL FOOTNOTES, in cases involving the POTUS.

      THAT is THE law. JUSTIAGATE is THE fraud.

      we wuz had.

  2. What is fake is what was submitted to the American People. It is easily shown to be a fake. Why create a false Certificate? Prove that what was shown as his birth certificate is real. You can't because it wasn't.

  3. It isn't a matter of if Obama was born in Hawaii. I don't don't dispute that - but the birth certificate given to us in pdf FORMAT IS A FORGERY. What stupidity. The question is, who did it and why? Everyone should be concerned about this type of lies to the American people. What are they afraid of? The truth if you are a Liberal/Progressive Democrat.

    1. Why are you SO sure it's fake, because you want it to be? Have you checked out Snopes? I have and they prove to me beyond doubt that it's anything but. Every one of Arpaio's so-called 'experts' aren't. Have you wondered at all about the 'timing' of this? Arpaio's about to be recalled--or at least a serious attempt is being made to get rid of him with close to 150,000 signatures already gotten and more on their way. Not sure I can post a link but it's easy enough to verify: and type in Birthers. A lot of links will open. They've all been checked by the Snopes' team who are OBJECTIVE!

    2. I download the obama bc from the whitehouse web that was first put up and used adobe my self to check it out and sure enough it was multiple layers on it. Went back to whitehouse website a few days later and they had taken that on down and replace it with a link to an image of a picture of it, why did they do that? Because it is forged and doctored thats why.

    3. Absolutely right.

  4. Snopes is anything but objective. Obviously you haven't done YOUR research! Snopes? Objective. Brother..... It is nothing but a left wing driven husband and wife team out of the valley out here. They are well known for their left leanings. Give me a break.

    1. Snopes is god, Snopes is flawless, Snopes is an authority, Snopes exceeds all truth, drink the kool aide, drink the kool aide.
      Sheeple please realize Snopes is not the final answer, truth is the final answer!

  5. always so many sheep so eager to stick up for him..makes you wonder

  6. Why don't you take your out of the sand, with everything this man does proves he's our enemy. how many drones and tanks will it take for him to bring into usa open our boarders so disease can come in .you peaple will wait till others and maybe your owm family are put in education cams and die.

  7. When Obama Etc. Leave Office!

    When Obama administration officials and members of Congress retire from office, there will be no place on earth where they can hide from those who wish to belatedly express their "appreciation," in tangible ways, to those who tried to destroy the greatest nation ever!

  8. you have a human family,and whee are you from..Kenya?

  9. Obama uses the power of the govt against the people. Not to defend the people, constitution or truth.
    Congress needs to start impeachment NOW.
    Holder et al need to go, put on trial and sent to jail.

  10. Snoops is a left winger MA & Pa who writes to debunk what is truth !

  11. I am not American, and have no issue with Obama. I can confirm as a Graphic Designer that I looked into this and downloaded the file (when the news initially broke), and can Guarantee you that I have never seen a more Obvious forgery.

    It is as if the person that created it wanted to get caught...

  12. I long for the day when Obama and his lying liberal flunkies are, each and every one, frog-marched to the Big House!


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